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*This is a screen cap. There is no play button lol


*This is a screen cap. There is no play button lol


Soul Eater #14 - Death Kid fails exam

The Shinigami’s son is the most gifted and talented assassin at the school but even the best of us have flaws. He has OCD which often distract him in battle. And in life.

Imagine Setsuna behaving like this xD

God is an Astronaut - Golden Sky

Now I realized why I never bothered with an audio file, it was simply too large. So I’ll post a video instead!

The piano makes this song sound so tragic. It tugs at my heart strings like it’s telling my life story: getting up for the let down. Such is the life of a dreamer.

This rain needs to stop, it’s making me melancholy.

This is what I feel like doing. You’re welcome to watch the whole thing though I suggest you start at 1:55 if you have a short attention span.

I fkn love dubstep. As I’ve mentioned before, I discovered this genre way back in March when a friend told me about it. I think it was over the summer, say around August when I started to listen to it often. This is the song that started it all, and it has become one of my fav songs. I couldn’t share my audio file cause it exceeded 10mb.

Why am I talking about dubstep? It was played during the KASA GIM and I heard it again during the HKES Lunar Banquet. Auto eargasm.

I’m tired. I keep throwing myself into work and I might actually be overworking myself now. Apparently, I started snoring. I always knew I had trouble breathing when I sleep but actually snoring? This is news to me. Shit.

Right so about this song… I just like it. It’s the same line(s) repeated over and over. But they each seem to give off a different meaning. Same things aren’t quite the same are they? The same people, the same patterns, the same same same. I’m starting to overlook differences but then everything becomes …boring. If I had known this sooner, perhaps I wouldn’t be where I am now. However, it’s because of last semester that I am where I am now. 21 hasn’t been treating me very well. Ok, I’m lying. It’s been treating me very well. I just haven’t learned to appreciate it yet. The quality has gone down quite a bit.

EVERYTHING THAT I’M SAYING IS COMING TRUE. Something weird is happening. I just have a gut feeling. Or maybe I’m just lucky.

We haven’t spoken for a month and out of the blue, he messaged me again. I’m kind of glad I’m in Bing at the moment. I don’t usually run away from these things but it gives me time to think. I’m never prepared for a bad valentines day. It’s always bad. Perhaps it’ll be good this year.

Innocence. You’ll never be mine.

LOL. I’m such a dork. Subscribe to this guy! He makes the gamer in my smile :)