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Soul Eater #14 - Death Kid fails exam

The Shinigami’s son is the most gifted and talented assassin at the school but even the best of us have flaws. He has OCD which often distract him in battle. And in life.

Imagine Setsuna behaving like this xD

God is an Astronaut - Golden Sky

Now I realized why I never bothered with an audio file, it was simply too large. So I’ll post a video instead!

The piano makes this song sound so tragic. It tugs at my heart strings like it’s telling my life story: getting up for the let down. Such is the life of a dreamer.

This rain needs to stop, it’s making me melancholy.

This is what I feel like doing. You’re welcome to watch the whole thing though I suggest you start at 1:55 if you have a short attention span.